June 5, 2008

Jason Hall Show Blooper Reel

Earlier in the day, the first episode of Jason Hall's new show hit the net, and the Duke Nukem Forever footage contained within was quite popular. On Thursday evening, an interview with Jason turned up over at 1up.com, where he talks about his show, and how he came to have access to the footage used in Duke Nukem Forever. Here's a small bit from the interview:

1UP: The biggest gaming score from the first episode of your show is that you got a sneak peek at Duke Nukem Forever, including footage of the game. With such a long-awaited, secretive game, this is a pretty major deal. How did you manage to pull this off?

Hall: Honestly, I simply asked. George [Broussard] and Scott [Miller, of 3DRealms] are great guys, and I've known them for like 15 years. We have a long history together and they know for a fact that I am a HUGE Duke fan. Because of our relationship, I knew that they were building greatness down there in Texas, and I felt that it might be a good time to let the world see a little of the game but through my eyes. I had no interest in doing a "preview" or "feature look" or anything like that, as I am not a journalist and when Scott and George are ready for that they can talk to the professionals.... No, all I wanted was to kick it with Scott and George, and then maybe check DNF out simply as a gamer who wants to buy it -- and they let me do that.

Jason has more to say about Duke Nukem Forever, you should go check it out. Additionally in the interview is a video which we've copied here. This is a "blooper" video that 1up.com is running. It has a short additional piece that was not used in the main video (although no more game footage than you've already seen). Check it out below:

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