August 25, 2008

Duke Nukem 3D Xbox LIVE Interview

As we announced last week, Duke Nukem 3D is coming for Xbox LIVE Arcade. We're here to tell you today of a link you will want to read. The gaming news site "Team Xbox" has an interview up with 3D Realms' George Broussard.

George goes into quite a few of the really cool new details on the game, including the user clip system, the rewind feature, and much more... You can read the complete interview here, but here are some quotes for you to check out first...

"Q: What do you get with eight-player co-op?

A: What’s better than drinking beer on a Saturday afternoon and playing co-op shooters with your buddies? Simple as that. The old game supported it and we’re really excited to open it up over Xbox Live and the Internet for the first time (versus playing on a LAN).

Q: Unlike many “classic” games brought to XBLA, you did a lot to freshen up Duke 3D and take advantage of the Xbox 360’s capabilities. How did the hardware and some re-coding time enable you to buff up your hero’s world?

A: We definitely put a lot of work into the game. It would have been simple to just port it and ship it, but people kept suggesting cool ideas and we just had to do them. Some of it was hardware, as in being Xbox Live, you open the game up to really solid matchmaking, voice chat and multiplayer.

There is an awful lot more you are going to want to see - go check out the full interview over at right now!

We also wanted to release this screen capture which shows the rewind feature in action...

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