August 26, 2008

Duke Nukem 3D Xbox LIVE Arcade Shacknews Preview

The first of the Duke Nukem 3D previews has hit the web! Available now over at Shacknews is their "Hands on" with the game. They go into several parts of the game, but talk at length about the replay system. They also hit details on the Dukematch matchmaking, how the game plays on a console, and much other coolness. Here's a few quotes from their hands on preview..

Considering that Duke 3D never had an ubiquitous online matchmaking system, Xbox Live should provide fans with the best multiplayer experience in the game's history.

As for the game itself, it's Duke Nukem 3D. On the surface, it's all about babes, explosions, and catchphrases. But beneath that superficial crust is some excellent weapon and level design.

The port's new replay feature will go a long way toward justifying this purchase for the latter group (Duke veterans). Simply stated, Duke 3D XBLA is always recording as you play, saving every second of your current run.

In addition to the preview, they have a two minute video showing you the replay system in action. They also have a bunch of screenshots showing various things in the game, one of which is how the Live camera is used in multiplayer lobbies!

We know you don't want to read about it here, you want to go read the whole thing. So go hit Shacknews now.

Come get some!

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