August 26, 2008

More Duke Nukem 3D Xbox LIVE previews are out!

As promised yesterday, several more previews of Duke Nukem 3D for Xbox LIVE Arcade are out. We're here to bring you three of them. Let's just get straight to it..

First up we have a preview from, which follows up from their interview with George Broussard from yesterday. This preview has a lot going for it, including a couple of gameplay videos, screenshots, the works! These aren't all the same screenshots that you saw in the Shack preview from last night, so you'll want to check 'em out. The gameplay videos are good for those who aren't terribly familiar with the game, as they show actual gameplay in the first two levels, and not just video of the new features.

Here's a few quotes from this preview:

I can see that someone finished the first level in a bit more than 13 seconds…but the little camera icon indicates that the clip of the player’s action is available, so I can pull it up and view what was done to get that time.

Multiplayer is also supported in Duke 3D in a number of ways, both through Xbox Live and System Link for up to eight participants. In addition to the everyone-for-himself DukeMatch, there’s also an eight-player cooperative mode that should be pretty wild—especially if you have friendly fire turned on.

Among the weapons you can use are your default pistol, a shotgun, a grenade launcher and pipe bombs. Cooler fare includes a “Microwave Expander,” which blows up enemies from the inside out. My fave is the Shrinker, which reduces a foe into something you can literally stomp out with your shoe.

Second, we have a preview from IGN's preview is heavy on game videos, with four of them in all. They cover plenty of ground, ranging from topics like tipping a stripper, usage of the replay system, & other gameplay stuff. Here's some quotes from their preview, which can be viewed here.


I have to say that I was amazed how well Duke holds up after a dozen years.

The controls don't feel limited as in some other shooters of yore and 3D Realms really did throw everything and the kitchen sink into this game. There's something incredibly satisfying about putting your boot through an alien's face.

Want to know how someone finished the first level in under a minute? Now you can watch and learn. Not sure where a secret is located? The score leader probably found them all, so watch his run and see where things are located.

Official Xbox Magazine:

Finally, we have a short preview from the official Xbox Magazine website. Here's a bit of what they had to say...

The Arcade rebirth brings a wealth of new features to the table, including eight-player online co-op and Dukematch, recordable and uploadable user gameplay clips, Vision camera support for multiplayer lobbies, and – get this – TiVo.

We've played the Arcade version, and the good news is that it holds up just fine. The controls are just dandy, with the gamepad steering Duke around about as well as the mouse and keyboard did.

The game itself is still fun too, its memorable level design and weapons withstanding the test of time.

We will continue to bring you more previews as they pop up, as well as our own page here on for the title.

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