March 25, 2009

Duke Nukem Trilogy Details Revealed

As this week is GDC week, details about a lot of games are starting to come out, and that's what this story is about. Some details on the "Duke Nukem Trilogy" have come to light. First off, 3D Realms is not developing this title, but given the nature of the game, we figured 3DR fans would want to know about it, so we're bringing it to you here. The games are coming out under the newly revived Apogee Software label, and the games are actually being developed by Frontline Studios. That latter name should be familiar to 3DR fans, as they've done several other Duke related cel phone games in the past.

The "Duke Nukem Trilogy" will consist of three games (obviously) released one at a time. The first is scheduled to be released in September 2009 on the Nintendo DS & the PSP handheld platforms. Each game has it's own title, the first being "Critical Mass". Each title will have it's own setting, from the future to World War II, etc. While the Trilogy ends with World War II, the first entry, Critical Mass, begins with Duke in the future. The second title, Chain Reaction, puts Duke in the present day. It's not until the last game, Proving Grounds, that the action hero proves his worth in the Second Great War. Release dates for the second and third episodes are not available yet.

The games are currently being shown on the floor at GDC 2009, check out this news report for some thoughts about the games from GDC. You can also read about the game over on Shacknews here and here.

In addition there are previews for Critical Mass online at IGN and at

In other news, Apogee Software has now opened up a contest where you can become the next Duke Nukem. Apogee and it's distributor Deep Silver are running a contest where anyone can enter to be the next Duke Nukem actor. You might remember a guy who used to appear at trade shows as Duke in the late 90's and into the early 2000's. You could be that guy. Here's the details from the website for the search:

We are doing what no one in video games has ever done before. We are searching for the next Duke Nukem action hero. We're reaching out to the fans with a 3 city nationwide search to find the next real life Duke Nukem. Or you can click here to send us a your audition by mail. Deep Silver and Apogee Software are calling on all Duke fans to answer the call, to be The Next Duke Nukem.

We want you to come out and audition to be the next Duke Nukem. The winner will get to travel around the world representing Deep Silver as the new official Duke Nukem and get paid to do it. They will be the new face of the franchise and get to interact with the world like no other iconic video game character ever has.

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