June 5, 2009

3D Realms Online Store overhaul

...bet you thought that Goodbye meant there will be no more updates ever? That was a Goodbye from the development team.

Anyway, I'm here to report on an update I have posted to the 3D Realms online store. As some of you may have noticed, 3D Realms ceased shipping physical product right around the time we posted the Goodbye story. We went to downloads only, and we're here to report that this will remain the same. 3D Realms will no longer ship physical product of any kind. We are however, continuing to make available our older titles via registered download.

Available now in the online store is our new product line of registered downloads, most at new lower prices. This is a complete overhaul, too. It's not just the same files we had in our old store in a new store. All of them have been redone with a new installer, and most importantly a new DOSBox wrapper. Our previous downloads were the original DOS games, which for a lot of people who weren't familiar with the original DOS commands was a difficult thing. DOSBox gets around that, and all of the old games have this included, so you will be able to run them from Windows quite easily. The new installers will install the game through Windows (even works in Vista), and you can click on them with icons, and all that good stuff. :) This was no easy task to rebuild the entire product line like that. A major thanks goes out to former 3DR staffer Joe Siegler for doing all of this on his final two days at 3DR. Also, a big thanks goes to Peter Veenstra from the DOSBox crew for helping out in testing the builds. There's no way this could have come together so quickly without these two guys.

But that's not all! In addition to all the games we previously had in our online store, we've also made some available that we never sold as registered downloads before - or just haven't sold in awhile. New additions to the 3D Realms online store include Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, Terminal Velocity, Death Rally, & Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project! Also available again after a rather long wait is Balls of Steel! You can buy all of these, plus all the previously available titles by visiting our online store by visiting http://www.buy3drealms.com.

And if that wasn't enough, don't forget that we have released several of our legacy titles in the past via freeware. Check out our list of freeware releases here.

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