Alien Carnage Help

This page lists questions and links to solutions for various problems we've encountered for our Alien Carnage game.  Please note that Alien Carnage used to be called Halloween Harry.

Click on the question you wish to see the answer for.    If you don't see your answer on this page, please check out our Email Support Page.

Other Sound Errors

The problem that you are having with Halloween Harry is most likely caused how you have the sound card set. Halloween Harry/Alien Carnage must have the DMA set at channel 1, and the IO address set at 220h. Also the interrupt must be at either IRQ 5 or IRQ 7. Using the above setting for your sound card, you should have no trouble running the game.

I press F1, and when I go back to the game, the display is all messed up!

This was a bug introduced in Alien Carnage from the time it was called Halloween Harry.  You have two solutions.  If you have the registered version of HH, use that, as the problem does not exist there.

You can also get the freeware release of Alien Carnage, as the problem has been fixed there.