Bio Menace Help

Please note Bio Menace has been discontinued and released as freeware.  NO current support is offered for the title.  This information is being provided for historical purposes only. 

This page lists questions and links to solutions for various problems we've encountered for our Bio Menace game.  Click on the question you wish to see the answer for.  

Tips on running Bio Menace with 386Max v7.0

Make the following changes to the configurations created by Maximize:

1) Remove the line in your CONFIG.SYS file that says "STACKS=0,0". Replace it with a line at the very top of this file that says "STACKS=9,256". This line must appear before any reference to 386Max.

2) Go into your 386MAX directory and edit your EXTRADOS.PRO file. Specifically, look for and delete or comment out the following line:

S=3024,1 ; MAXIMIZE ==> Move STACKS to region 1 for 3024 bytes

3) Reboot your system, after saving the file(s) back to disk.

This will prevent 386Max from loading your STACKS into upper memory and should allow you to play Bio Menace without your system locking up. Please note that you will need to re-edit your CONFIG.SYS and EXTRADOS.PRO files if you run Maximize again, as Maximize will undo the changes you have made.

How to run Bio Menace under DR-DOS

Although initially we were unable to determine why Bio Menace was having trouble running under DR Dos, we have made some discoveries that may enable Dr Dos users to get Bio Menace users to run on their system. First, by itself Bio Menace will not run under DR Dos, it must have a memory manager installed in order for the game to work. Second, the memory manager that is included within DR Dos is incompatible with Bio Menace. This means that a DR Dos user must use a different memory manager with Bio Menace. If you have Microsoft Windows, you can use the memory manager that comes with Windows, and that may solve your problem.

Bio Menace locks up on me when I shoot the first purple blob!

This problem is most likely caused by not having any STACKS defined in you CONFIG.SYS file, or you have Qemm 386 version 7.0x. First check your CONFIG.SYS file to make sure that you have the line STACKS=9,256. If you are unsure of how to due this follow the following steps.

1. From your C:\ dos prompt type in EDIT CONFIG.SYS and hit the enter key.

2. The computer will then load your CONFIG.SYS file into the dos editor. Now look for a line that has STACKS=x,y where x and y are numbers. Change this line to STACKS=9,256. If you do not have this line in your CONFIG.SYS file, add it to the end off the file.

3. Save the file by tapping the ALT key, then the F key, and then select save.

4. Exit the editor by tapping the ALT key, then the F key, and then select exit.

Reboot your system with this configuration, and try playing a game. If the game still locks up and you have Qemm 386 version 7.0x try the following options.

1. Edit your CONFIG.SYS file as described above, and add the parameter X=B000-B800 to the end of the DEVICE=C:\... ...\QEMM386.SYS line.

2. If that does not work try changing X=B000-B800 to X=B000-BFFF and try that.

3. If you still have trouble, run QSETUP and select ENABLE/DISABLE DOS-UP, select partial, and answer no to load Dos Resources high.

Using the above solutions, you should be able to run the game.

Video problems with Bio Menace

The problem that you are having with Bio Menace can most likely be solved by first going to the configuration menu from the main menu. From the configuration menu goto the options menu. In the options menu there is an option that states SVGA COMPATIBILITY MODE. Select this option, and it should solve your problem.

If you are still having trouble with the game, and you have the released version 1.1 of Bio Menace, you will then need to use the command line parameter /LATCHPEL with the game (Example: BMENACE1 /LATCHPEL).

Walkthrough for Bio Menace Episode 3 Level 3

When you first start the level you are at a door, if you have a key use it on this door, if not walk to the right to get a key. Use your Grenades to blow up the landmines. Once you have the key go back to the door and open it. There will be a blue shard in it.

Go back to the right and use the blur shard to get the wall to go away. Kill the robot and get the first Green Shard.

Go back to the beginning and use the green shard to open the wall that is blocking the ladder.

Go up and all the way to the right until you come to another ladder. go up that one. When you are at the top go to the left until you come to a Switch. Push the switch to activate the lift.

Jump across the platforms (lifts) and push the 2nd switch. (Be carful as their is a monster hiding behind a wall. Once you push the 2nd switch the last platform you were on will now go higher. Jump back on it and jump on the the ladder that is right above it.

Get all the ammo and stand on the next ladder that you come to. Use grenades to kill off the 2 robots and then go up and to the right.

This is where you should save your game. Before you jump on any of the rocks that are in the air. When you jump on them they will fall about 1 second after you do it. You HAVE to get across this way. So if you mess up and fall down, reload your save game and try again.

Once you are across you will see a ladder down. Toss some grenades down and kill everything that is down there. Then go down and get the 2nd green shard.

Once you have it you need to work your way up and look for another ammo supply. Get all the ammo and then get to the area right above it by going back to the ladders. When you are up there move all the way to the left, and drop down to the place where you need to use the green shard. Once you use it go up the ladder to the left.

When you make it up that ladder you will see the hostage and rescue him. Then hit the switch that is right behind him and it will open a bridge that will let you get to the exit.