Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure Help

This page lists questions and links to solutions for various problems we've encountered for our Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure game.

Click on the question you wish to see the answer for.    If you don't see your answer on this page, please check out our Email Support Page.

Poor or no Sound

Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure uses the PC Speaker for it's game sound effects.  For the game music, it uses the Adlib sound card, which by current standards, is an ancient piece of hardware.  Most current sound cards do not emulate this at all, or if they do, they do a poor job.  You need to check with your sound card documentation as to the status of Adlib emulation on their sound card to see if you can improve your game music.

Help for Episode 2 Level 6 & 7 Climbing the Ice

The problem that you are having in level six and seven is learning how to climb the ice. To climb the ice follow these steps:

  1. Jump up and grab hold of the ice
  2. As soon as you grab hold of the ice, jump again
  3. When you reach the highest point in your jump, grab hold of the ice again
  4. Repeat steps two and three until you get to the top.

You have to do the above series of instructions very quickly to actually get up the sides of the ice walls. Timing is every thing in doing it properly.

How to find the secret in Episode 2 Level 9

To find the Secret in Cosmo 2 Level 9 you first need to get to the end of the level.

When you get to the end of the level, you will need to go back to the Left. There will be a drop off that you will need to drop down and back to the right. Once you get to the bottom you will get the globe that states that you found it.