Word Rescue Help

This page lists questions and links to solutions for various problems we've encountered for our Word Rescue game.

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The game quits when I enter a name starting with the letter "Q"

If you enter a name that starts with the letter "Q" the game will end, thinking you wanted to "Q"uit. There is no workaround for this - the only solution is to not enter a name with the letter "Q" as the first letter.

Word List for Word Rescue

For Word Rescue 1: toe pot pen rat gun cup cop hat dog arm bat ant car run can sit gas one purple horse spoon watch money bottle camera bell flag clown sign fence heart nurse arrow turtle cross anchor read jail snow rock dance joker wine five eight scale ghost music acorn teepee factory trike crown bulb tomato dive head fork bear bird claw duck frog kite orange rabbit shoe sock stand banana bucket balloon flower pink skunk stair ladder log twig jump saddle hammer seal hut igloo home car spoon acorn bird rabbit head ant purple skunk

For Word Rescue 2: tie pig man ear cry bus bed fan pan jet top two jar toy fly fir net bib nap ham web rob fox rip dart soap hair tent note hole tank nail wing well team hive hose rain pole wade sing tape rose feet tail desk bill leak toast hatch witch needle basket ticket rattle hanger antlers slipper zero hand glass clock chair shirt train sink teeth indian purse drop soldier neck four rifle woman mouse doctor drum baby skirt farmer marry seven lava guitar cone tree lock bridge wagon stop ring lamp finger snowman leaf moon coin barn boat comb fire glasses house nose pear pour sail spider spot water cherry wink candle carrot blue white palm target web nail sing toast basket slipper

For Word Rescue 3: plant pod brush whale octopus mailbox razor vase disk parrot canoe cut map dig mop mad bag mix gum pin gate kick pill pipe vest tire mask mitt rope dock milk file rake cart mule raft scarf bread steam mailman fireman bench latch magnet present leash grass cork puppet globe black six go bike phone knife table nine boot feather pants on grapes dress hen cake sword badge skate lake chain letter ski swim club apple diamond stork fist three piano storm food cactus castle pump trailer rocket box smile spade egg door foot key worm ball jug lips bee bow cat bean cow crab eye fish horn leg monkey paw pie plane shovel skull star sun truck wave window button pencil red green vest bread mailman present puppet feather letter

Word Rescue in other languages?

Word Rescue is not available in any other language besides English, nor do we have any facility for allowing others to convert their own word lists (either in English or otherwise) into the game.