Contest #18: January 31 to February 13, 1997

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The winning entry was submitted by Jonathan Straube. It was:

Once more, Bryan demonstrates the reason why disco died.

Some of the others (in no particular order):

  1. "Heeyyy...Macarena..." (Dan Murphy)
  2. "I'm a little teapot, short and is my handle, here is my spout." (Dan Murphy)
  3. Bryan Turner, using his Jedi powers, attempts to turn off his computer from a few meters away. Unfortunately, he misaimed and spilt his coffee cup. (Leif Bjornstead)
  4. "Hey, I look just like Bill Gates from this angle!" (Vlad Popa)
  5. Calvin Klein. Made for a man, woman, or even a lowly programmer. (Matt McDonald)
  6. This is Bryan in his sad attempt to imitate a cactus. (Mark Viens)
  7. Wow! 11:38 and I still don't have an ass. (Paola Oriente)
  8. (Bryan to his immediate family) Hey Maw! Paw! Cletus! Agnes! Gertrude! Angus! Billy! Bessy! Bobby! John-Boy! Timmy! Lassie! Look at me! (Robert Clein)
  9. Bryan, practicing in front of the Live Cam for his audition for the re-make of the TV series Alf. His line: " Look dear an alien craft just crashed into our garage!" (Gary Curtiss)
  10. "This is the point where the chain-reaction paradox begins. The Live-Shot Camera takes a picture of Bryan while he is goofily pointing at a previous picture of himself taken by the same Live-Shot Camera. When he does in fact view this picture of himself viewing a picture of himself, the paradox will develop as the Live-Shot Camera in the picture room will again capture him goofily pointing at his picture, and Bryan will then later view that picture of himself viewing a picture of himself, viewing a picture of himself. And so the cycle will continue. This could spell the end of the universe. ... Or simply a funny caption of a picture. Time will have to tell." (Gavin Klahr)

In reality, this is Bryan Turner pointing at his own image on the Live Shot Camera Computer.