June 29, 1998

Max Payne Development Update

Sam Lake of Remedy Entertainment has done a Max Payne Development Update. This is actually the first in a three part series of development updates. Here is a snippet of the update:

In this first part I'm going to talk about the game's story-line, and the most important way the players will experience it, i.e. the comics.

First of all, Max Payne is a crime thriller. The story-line has plot twists and surprises galore! We don't want to reveal anything besides the background story beforehand, don't want to spoil any surprises here, but I can tell you this much, the players will be kept on their toes to the very bullet-spitting end. You'll have to play the game to know what the hell is going on ;).

If you want to check out the entire update, head over to the Official Max Payne Website for all the details!

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