February 24, 1999

New Duke Nukem Games Announced!

Rockstar LogoNEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 22, 1999-- Rockstar Games, the high end video game publishing division of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ:TTWO - news), Gathering of Developers, Ltd., and 3D Realms, Inc., today announced that it has acquired the rights to publish a game starring the legendary Duke Nukem character. The game, yet to be titled, will feature gaming's original bad boy in third person perspective for a soon to be identified next-generation video game console platform.

``We're thrilled to see Duke Nukem blazing his way into future generations of console hardware,'' stated Scott Miller, head of 3D Realms. Mr. Miller added, ``We are confident that the Gathering and Rockstar share the passion and dedication to the continued success of the Duke Nukem franchise that we at 3D Realms do.''

So begins the press release put out yesterday announcing a new title in the Duke Nukem line for an as of yet unspecified next generation game console. There is no information about this game at this point, the deal was just reached a few days ago. We're mentioning it here to confirm that this is real. The game has no name, and no information as to platform availability yet.

In more Duke news, there is also a color Gameboy project underway. 3D Portal reported on some of the features a couple of days ago, but we wanted to let you know what they are here:

* Duke Nukem: Color Gameboy Features
* 16 levels!
* An annihilating arsenal of futuristic weapons! Blasters! Laser cannons! Missiles! Flame-throwers! And space shuttle dogfights!
* A murderous horde of enemies! Enemy mutations! Robo-droids and rabid-crazy alien guards challenge Duke Nukem on every level!
* Greater Nukem mobility! Duke flips! Travels hand-over-hand across pipes, chains, and ropes! Crouches and shootsupward!
* Special powers. Invincibility! Super shots and deadlier guns!
* Great secrets and features! Soda can power-ups! Turkeys for food and explosive, secret surprises!

The Color Gameboy title will be getting its own page here shortly, as well as the Duke Nukem: Zero Hour game. Keep your eyes peeled!

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