September 20, 1999

Zero Hour Praise

"This time around you see Duke's massive bulk running around in front of you. We were worried that this viewpoint would be really awkward to use, but it's been done with such skill that it makes Tomb Raider look like an old-biddy hobbling around Tesco's with a zimmerframe. (3D Realms note: This quote from a England magazine -- we don't understand the references either!) There's no awkward camera angles in this game and you can constantly see what's running around in front of you." -- N64 Magazine

Okay, you've read how great this game is, the next step is to BUY IT!

Duke Nukem: Zero Hour is now available in stores for the N64 only. Look for the cool live action Duke TV commercial, too. Go to our Duke Nukem: Zero Hour pages to read more about this hot game and to see screen shots.

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