May 26, 2000

Interview with Joe Siegler

The gaming news spoof site, The Mushroom has posted an interview with our webmaster, Joe Siegler in their "legit news section". In this interview, Joe is asked about several things ranging from his personal life, to the camera captioning contest here, to Duke Forever, and what makes a good web site. Here's a bit from the interview:

Q: Is there any advice you can offer to those who are thinking of designing their own web page?

A: Yeah, have some design sense. So many web pages out there are flat out *BAD*. Also, if you put out a web page, and never update it - forget it. Web pages that succeed are constantly updated, giving people a reason to come back. It's like having a kid - just because you're capable of doing it, it doesn't necessarily mean you SHOULD do it. Give it some thought first.

Q: You were one of the designers for 5 of the levels in the game Rise of the Triad. Is there anything that you have hidden in any of the levels that most people wouldn't be aware of? Kind of like a signature design that says "Joe Siegler was here?"

A: Well, I did sign most of my levels with my initials somewhere. When we were designing levels, one of Tom Hall's instructions to the team was "Don't write words in the levels with the walls" - meaning, no secret messages in the game. However, I got around this in two ways. First, I asked him "Well, what if I use Standard Galactic Alphabet?" (the language in the Keen games) - he laughed, and let me use that, so I put a message that says "Dopefish Lives" in some walls in one of my levels.

There's a lot more from Joe here - so make sure to check out the interview today. This isn't your usual one line answer interview.

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