May 26, 2000

Max Payne Gets a Quickie

Our old friends over at 3DGN have done up another quickie for Max Payne.

Despite the fact that the name implies there isn't much there, this preview they've done up based on the recent E3 show has some good information in it. Here's some of that info:

This game is going to make you wet your shorts. The skins are absolutely astounding.

Everything in this game is photorealistic and the faces of your enemies are just as clear and detailed as your neighbor's mug. The environments are ambient and nightmarish cityscapes that would probably frighten the hero of Kingpin.

Check this out, when you fire off a round from your Beretta, there will actually be a bullet rocketing out of your gun and into the body of the bad guy you just shot.

As far as I am concerned, I am just not cut out for this kind of work (level designing).

Anyway, that will all be in the past if the gaming future follows the path of Max Payne's level editor. Levels are all designed in the first person. A child could figure it out. Textures can be dragged and shifted with a couple of mouse clicks and events can be rolled out on the fly if you think you need a little variety. All told, it looked so easy that I wondered why I was watching the demo instead of creating the game myself.

There is a lot more in this article. It is relatively short, but is rather packed with information. Make sure and head on over to 3DGN for your own quickie!

For more information on Max Payne, make sure and visit the Official Max Payne web site at

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