June 9, 2000

Camera Captioning Contest #100

Our Camera Captioning Contest has been updated - a bit late. Last week's contest ran an extra week due our webmaster being sick. Anyway, the new contest posted today is the 100th contest we've run. The first one was done back on May 28, 1996! - We've been running these contests now for over four years straight.

For those who don't know, the contest is where we take a (usually) silly picture involving some 3D Realms employee, and put it up on the site. You send in your entries, and the one we pick as the winner gets a free $35 gift certificate for use on Apogee/3D Realms games, as well as a Duke Nukem: Time to Kill T-Shirt.

Those are the normal rules. However, given that this is Contest #100, we've decided to spice it up a bit. Normally, we only give away a prize to the #1 winner - this time we're giving out prizes to Winners 1-5 (with #1 getting the best prizes). Furthermore, the rules for submissions for this contest are slightly different. Here's the stuff we're giving away:

1. First - Duke Nukem Forever E3 T-Shirt Autographed by Scott Miller & George Broussard, a Duke Nukem baseball cap, plus a Duke Nukem pen & coaster set

2. Second - Choice of Duke Nukem Forever T-Shirt or a Duke Nukem hat plus a pen & coaster set

3. Third through fifth - Duke Nukem pen & coaster set

In addition to these prizes, all the winners will receive with the usual coupon we give away for every contest. The picture itself is shown above (click on it for a larger version). However, the rules for submission will be slightly different than usual. Normally, we don't give guidelines as to what you can submit, but this time it will be a little more challenging. If you look at the picture, some pretty easy (and obscene) captions come to mind. The rule this time is send us your best non-obscene caption for this picture. The best winners from this batch will be selected as prize winners.

That's about it for this special contest. A big thanks go out to the folks who regularly enter the contest and those who just do it once in awhile. A few times over the four years we've thought about canceling the contest, but the pleas of the folks who enjoy it keep it going.

Thanks for visiting our site, and make sure to tell a friend!

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