November 19, 2001

Gamespy Holiday Buying Guide

In other Gamespy news, they have posted their annual Holiday buying guide. In this year's edition, they list Max Payne as the #2 thing you should be buying this holiday season. Check out a bit of what they had to say about Max...

Sometimes a game just gets all the little things right, and they add up to a metric ton of fun. Such is the case with Max Payne, a 3rd person shooter from Remedy. While the graphics are definitely some of the best to be seen on the PC lately, it's the little touches that really make the game a treat.

The game's pacing is perfect, slowly walking you and Max through the dark story and one outstanding set piece after another. You'll mow down thugs in dark alleys or wealthy office buildings. Bullets will rip environments to shreads. You'll be able to leap behind counters or roll into a room, guns blazing. One sequence has you racing through a fire-bombed building as it collapses and explodes around you.

They have a lot more to say about Max, so make sure and check out Gamespy's Holiday Buying Guide, and especially
the page on Max Payne!

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