December 4, 2001

Mac Payne

We've gotten several requests for information about this issue, and we finally have some news to report. Max Payne will be ported to the Macintosh computer platform. The company that will be doing the port work is Westlake Interactive. There was a news story a couple of days ago that covered this - here's some details from it.

Westlake is pleased to announce that our good friends at MacSoft and Take Two Interactive have chosen us to help bring Max Payne to the Macintosh. Combining photo-digitized textures, radiosity lighting, hardware T&L, and the butt-kicking feature of Bullet-Time gameplay, Max Payne will be a tour-de-force of Macintosh gaming.

There is no information regarding a release date at this time - once we have some more information on that, we will bring it to you. In other port news, the Xbox or PS2 versions of Max Payne are scheduled to street at the end of this week. If you wish to pre-order either the Xbox or PS2 versions of Max Payne, you can do so through right now!

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