September 22, 2003

More Max 2 from C&

Finally this afternoon, we bring you this short update from Computer and In it they talk generally about Max Payne 2. It's not an interview, but does have some cool things to read; here's a sampler..

Attention to detail here is impressive, with everything from barrels, boxes and bottles right down to pool balls all behaving in the correct physical manner.

Slow-motion enhanced the action sequences in the original game, but the bullet-time feature combined with soft-body or rag-doll physics means that combat in the sequel is going to look far, far superior.

Naturally, thanks to object physics, explosions in Max Payne 2 are going to be something to behold, with all manner of debris flying hither and thither following detonations.

Check it all out over at Check it all out over at today!

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