February 20, 2004

Interview with Scott Miller

Today we bring you a link to an interview with company founder Scott MIller over at the gaming news site "Gaming Eye". In their interview, they talk to Scott about several items, ranging from the early days with id Software, to Max Payne, and to Scott's insights on game development. Here's a few small snippets from the interview..

Q: You have been in the gaming industry longer than most, how has the game development industry changed over the years?

A: It's 100 times more competitive overall. And it's much more difficult for new studios to start up.

Q: What role does 3D Realms have in the development of the Max Payne franchise?

A: It's fair to say we played a significant role in the outcome and success of the game, from concept, design, quality assistance, to marketing. That said, it was a true collaboration and neither party could have succeeded nearly as well without the input and talents of the other.

Scott has plenty more to say - go head over to the interview and check it out for yourself.

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