April 27, 2004

New Sam Lake Interview

This morning we were told of a new interview with Sam Lake of Remedy, the man behind the writing in the two Max Payne games. To that, this new interview is mostly about the writing of Max Payne, and Sam's work on it. Here's a few tidbits from it:

Q: Writing is an area often underappreciated in videogames. How did you get into it?

A: I was asked, simple as that. Petri J�rvilehto, one of the founding members of Remedy, is a long time friend of mine. They were working on Remedy's first game, Death Rally, and needed someone to write the texts for the game. Petri knew of my writing, and asked me. I was studying at university at the time. I was very excited to get any kind of a writing gig. Now, almost nine years later, I'm still at it, so it turned out to be a long term one.

Q: Do you believe that technological advancement and deepening immersion of players into games will decrease the role writing plays, or bolster it?

A: We are still quite far from portraying subtle human emotions in games. We are taking baby steps to that direction, but its slow going. As we get closer to that, closer to the skin as it were, the need for good writing will increase.

Sam has a lot more to say about videogame writing - make sure and check out the full interview over at Jive Magazine today!

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