The Apogee Legacy
Past Pioneers of the Shareware Revolution

Apogee Software has been around since 1987, and while we changed the name we're generally known by (to 3D Realms), the origins of the company are in the name Apogee. We were involved with many developers back in those days. Some of these folks have gone on to bigger things in the game industry. Some are not working in the industry at all anymore. But we've sought out as many of our old developers that we could locate (some of which we haven't had any contact with in a decade) for an interview series based on their time working with us. It's been fun talking to these folks about their time with us, and we hope you enjoy this insight into the developers who helped found what our company is today.

  1. Jim Norwood (Bio Menace & Shadow Warrior) - Jan 9, 2006
  2. Keith Schuler (Paganitzu, Realms of Chaos, Duke Nukem Forever) - Jan 16
  3. Karen Crowther (Math Rescue, Word Rescue) - Jan 23
  4. Tom Hall (Rise of the Triad, Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, etc) - Jan 30
  5. Frank Maddin (Crystal Caves, Monster Bash, Shadow Warrior) - Feb 6
  6. Mike Voss (Hocus Pocus) - Feb 13
  7. John Passfield (Alien Carnage) - Feb 20
  8. Ken Silverman (Build Engine) - Feb 27
  9. Lindsay Whipp (Mystic Towers) - Mar 6
  10. Allen Blum (Major Stryker, many others) - Mar 13
  11. Dave Sharpless (Jumpman Lives!) - Mar 20
  12. Mike Maynard (Blake Stone, Planet Strike) - Mar 27
  13. Andy Edwardson (Wacky Wheels) - Apr 4
  14. Scott Host (Raptor) - Apr 11
  15. Peder Jungck (Secret Agent) - Apr 17
  16. Jason Blochowiak (Xenophage) - Apr 24
  17. Mark Randel (Terminal Velocity) - May 1
  18. Petri Jarvilehto (Death Rally, Max Payne 1/2) - May 8
  19. John Romero (Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D) - May 15
  20. Joe Siegler (Rise of the Triad) - May 22
  21. Darren Baker (Balls of Steel) - Jun 5
  22. Levelord (Duke Nukem 3D) - Jun 12
  23. Paul Schuytema (Prey) - Jun 19
  24. Series Finale - Jun 26

This series is a regular thing on our website, with a new interview appearing each Monday for you to check out.