November 16, 1997

Duke Rips the N64 a New One!

Over 500,000 cartridges of Duke Nukem 64 ship to retailers worldwide--one of the biggest ever roll-outs for the N64. Based on Duke Nukem 3D, Duke Nukem 64 for Nintendo's N64 features 32 levels of game play, each with all-new architecture and layout unique to the N64 version, plus incredible new special effects and true 3D bosses.

A press release by publisher GT Interactive Software, wrote: "In one of its largest product introductions to date, GT Interactive Software Corp. (NASDAQ: GTIS - news) this week is shipping more than 500,000 units...Duke Nukem N64 is supported by a multitiered marketing program which includes a TV campaign..."

Expect the game to be in the usual retail outlets (Target, Toys R Us, Electronics Boutique, etc.) within days. With most of the coming N64 games missing 1997 due to unexpected delays, Duke's not going to have much competition. And with previews and reviews stating this is a must-buy game, what are you waiting for...Christmas?

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