November 10, 1997

Duke is #1 on Sega Saturn!

As reported in Computer Trade Weekly, Duke Nukem debuted at #1 in his first week on the chart on the Sega Saturn. Reviews for this game have been outstanding, with none below 90%, and at least one 100% so far! The Saturn version is not watered down in any respect, and contains all the kick-ass content and attitude of the PC version, along with better special effects.

Make sure to visit Sega's page for the Sega Duke Nukem 3D, as well as checking out Next Generations' Review of Duke3D Saturn.

Duke Nukem 64 (for the N64, visit and Duke Nukem Total Meltdown (for the Playstation) have also been highly praised, and will be in stores this month. Both games have many extras, such as new levels, new weapons, new Duke comments, and plenty of new explosive special effects.

The Duke Nukem Kill-O-Ton Collection for the PC should also be in stores this month, and contains everything ever released for Duke on the PC in one package.

Come get some, or Duke might have to rip you a new one!

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