November 6, 1997

First Official Duke Nukem Toy is Now Available!

Come get some toys!

Resaurus Company visited Apogee yesterday to discuss the development of an entire line of Duke Nukem action figures based on Duke Nukem 3D and Duke Nukem Forever, coming late next 1998. Currently available is the anti-PC hero himself, Duke Nukem. Visit for all the details and to order directly from Resaurus.

The Duke figure comes with four weapons (and sometimes a fifth, see below): A huge, two-handed Devastator, two Uzi's and a bloodied knife. Each weapon is full of detail thanks to a more expensive paint process that makes the paint look worn and scuffed and very realistic. All weapons can be attached to Duke simultaneously. And duke's utility/ammo belt is removable. Duke himself has 12 joints (head, three per arm, waist, two per leg). Currently in development are these three Duke Nukem 3D characters:

* Pigcop -- This character will have an Total Gib button, which sends all of his pieces flying, including guts within his chest!

* Battlelord Boss -- The largest of the figures, with full articulation and a huge weapon.

* OctaBrain -- Maybe the coolest of all the figures. This one has an innovation never seen before in an action figure. We can't ruin the surprise just yet.

In true collection fashion, certain Duke Nukem action figures include a variant, which is up for collectors to discover.

Figures associated with Duke Nukem Forever include a new, bigger Duke, plus Dr. Proton, Bombshell, and several interesting enemies. But these will not be ready until around the time of the game's release.

For further updates, and/or to order, visit:

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