June 2, 1998

The E3D Realms Report

From Joe Siegler (at 11AM)

I've started sifting through all the reports and reviews online about E3 and our games there. Yeesh, are there a lot of them. We're getting extremely positive feedback on our games, and I hope to hit all of the ones online.

Also, I heard that a certain Internet Radio reporter has asked where my "special duty" pictures are. TC, I'm working on it. :) Seriously, I'm still dumping them to my HD (yesterday was less than a full day due to extreme sleep), and I hope to have at least some of them online today.

I expect to be updating several times over the next couple of days, so make sure to keep looking. I've started things off with some Prey reviews, and starting our Picture Archive. Click on the E3 logo here to get to our E3D Realms Report.

UPDATE @ 2:45PM: I've added more Prey reviews, as well as some for Max Payne & Duke Nukem Forever. More coming later today, including some pics.

UPDATE @ 5:45PM: I added the first 20 of the "booth babe" pictures to the site, as well as two more pics of Duke Nukem & Lara Croft! I have around another 40 or so booth babe shots to add to the site, as well as around 200 general shots of people and games to add tomorrow. Click on the E3 logo above to get to our E3 coverage page, where you can check out the photo archives. Make sure to check back again tomorrow for more shots as well as more coverage of the games themselves.

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