July 23, 1998

Download Update

As long time followers of Apogee have known, we have gone through several install programs over the years for our products. For the last few years, we have been using the same install program on our downloadable files (we called it the Crane Installer), and very recently we noticed a problem with it.

Any of the really speed demon computers (Pentium II 400Mhz+ in particular) were having a problem where you'd run the install program, and you'd get a runtime error. This was very bad, as it meant that anyone with this kind of machine couldn't install anything.

Well, we've gone ahead and fixed this problem. Over the last week, our webmaster Joe Siegler has redone all of our downloadable files (shareware, patches, & misc files) that used this old install program in a newer install program that doesn't have this problem. These files are all available now from our web site. When you go to a game in our Product Catalog, the links are all now to the new files. If you were having any problems similar to what we describe here, make sure and try again - this might solve your problem. For the curious, this is the same install program we've been using on DOS installs for our registered CD-ROM's for some time now.

One other thing about the files. For some time now, we used to distribute "split" versions of our shareware. Effective immediately, all of these split files are pulled from official distribution. These days with warp speed modems, and CD-ROMs, and larger disk storage, the reason for creating these in the first place (14.4 modems and 3.5" floppy disks) is effectively moot. If you have these on an FTP site of yours or a BBS, it's still OK to distribute them, but we will not be offering them on our official download areas anymore.

If you're having problems downloading, you might want to check out our FTP help page. It's got some good background information on downloading.

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