October 23, 1998

Time to Kill Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks magazine has an extensive Duke Nukem: Time to Kill strategy article in their current November issue. In it, they have some great comments about the game:

"Duke's back on the PlayStation, and he's looking better than ever! The creators of this game should take a bow; Lara finally has some solid competition. The lighting effects and fluid animation can really get you going, and Duke's off-the-cuff remarks are hilarious, making references to a ton of sitcoms and movies. If you're a Duke Nukem or Tomb Raider fan, you owe it to yourself to pick this one up. You sure won't run out of things to see or hear!"

For those who may not know, Time to Kill is the first totally original Duke Nukem game since Duke Nukem 3D released early in 1996. 3D Realms was extensively involved with the making of this game, along with n-Space. This game has all of the Duke Nukem attitude, humor, action, interactivity, babes and hardcore edge you'd expect from a Duke Nukem game. We broke a few rules getting this game by Sony's censors and suits, so you'd better get your copy fast before they realize what we've done!

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