October 23, 1998

The Virtual Tour Returns!

The 3D Realms Virtual Tour is back online!

That's right. You're tired of seeing that construction sign, aren't you? Well, guess what? It's not there anymore if you click on "VR Tour". Our Virtual Tour is back online! It's all new, and much better than what used to be here, if you remember that. This one requires that your web browser have Java & Javascript (turned on, of course) in order to see everything. To check out the tour, click on the "VR Tour" menu button on the menu to your left. All of our offices are in here, so check them out today!

One thing, though, please make sure to read the text on the intro page before going on to the tour. It might help you avoid confusion once you actually start on the tour.

One small technical note. Due to the implementations of Java in both Netscape & Microsoft Internet Explorer, I've found that the tour runs a bit faster if you use MSIE instead of Netscape.

Posted by Joe Siegler on October 23, 1998 at 1:00 PM | Permalink
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