November 2, 1998

Duke Nukem Time to Kill "Truly Excels"

GameCenter's review of Time to Kill says: "Without a doubt, Time to Kill is a great game for Duke fans. Finally, we have a Tomb Raider-esque game with balls."

Be sure to check out the Gamecenter review, which also made these great comments:

"This Duke game showcases excellent graphics, sound, and gameplay."

"While Duke is traveling thorough these different eras, his weapons change with the times as well: very cool."

"Gameplay is where Time to Kill truly excels."

"The game runs in 640 by 480 high-res mode, making the object details very sharp. The graphics engine also shows off dynamic lighting and shadows. The more powerful weapons, such as the rocket-propelled grenade and Holy Grenades, showcase cool explosion effects that reflect off walls and ceilings."

"...the temporal-travel aspect of the game is a brilliant twist that makes playing Duke Nukem: Time to Kill time well spent."

"It's nice to see a title give Lara a run for her money. And what makes Duke Nukem: Time to Kill that much better is the over-the-top personality of the main character, Duke Nukem."

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