November 2, 1998

Time to Kill is #1

Electronics Boutique has released its sales figures for the last week for cartridge game sales. In a spectacular showing, Duke Nukem: Time to Kill entered the chart at #1! Here's a listing of all the games in their chart:

1. Duke Nukem: Time to Kill (PSX)
2. Tenchu (PSX)
3. NFL Blitz (PSX)
4. NHL 99 (PSX)
5. Madden 99 (PSX)
6. Parasite Eve (PSX)
7. NFL Blitz (Nintendo 64)
8. Ninja (PSX)
9. Madden 99 (Nintendo 64)
10. Test Drive 5 (PSX)

In other Duke Nukem: Time to Kill News, there's a new review of the game online over at IGN. Here's some of what they had to say about it:

* Duke Nukem: Time to Kill is a real hybrid game, a meshing of Tomb Raider and Duke's finest qualities. It's not Tomb Raider, but it's no longer the fast-paced, whiz-bang, first-person shooter of old, either.
* And of course, let us not forget the babes, who are here in scantily clad fashion, doing things to poles you would be embarrassed to tell to your mother.

The review has several videos and still shots at the end of it, so make sure to head over to IGN and check out the review today!

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