March 2, 1999

Our Camera Captioning Contest Reviewed

Geoff Keighley of Gameslice has covered our Camera Captioning Contest in his weekly "The Gist of it" series. This is where Geoff writes about the "highlights and lowlights of the industry this week". Here's what he has to say about our contest..

Some of the entries are absolutely hilarious. (Check out the one with Apogee President Scott Miller and a Celery Stick). However, the one that takes the cake for me is this image of 3D Realms President George Broussard watching his Porsche being towed away by a mechanic. The quote submitted by Tom Thurston said, "The Mechanic says to George, �You�ll get it back �when it�s done�.�"

Geoff talks a little more about the contest in him full review of it. Check out our contest today if you haven't (or even if you have!). You could win a free game coupon as well as a Duke Nukem Time to Kill T-Shirt!

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