March 2, 1999

Two New Duke Nukem Web Articles

Today we bring you links to two articles on the web about Duke Nukem. The first is about Duke's history, and the second is about 3D gaming user maps, which covers Duke Nukem 3D.

Article #1: Duke's Domination - 3D Portal chronicles the rise of Duke to total PC gaming domination and beyond in this new article, "Duke Nukem's ascent to World domination". Written by Robby Bryant, it's a look at the Duke Nukem game series from the first game back in 1991, to the current projects, and things into the future. It's a short article, but good and worth the read.

Article #2: Where have all the maps gone? - In this article over at Grape's Thoughts, the history of user maps is covered. As Duke Nukem 3D was a big part of this movement, it's covered nicely there. From the history of the user Map FAQ's and a history of the Build editor itself, there are lots of topics covered. Here's a bit from the article:

Unfortunately, it looks as if map making has reached its peak of popularity. While map making was on fire with Doom and Duke3D, when games like Quake, Unreal and Half-Life hit the market, the flood of levels became a trickle. But why?

To find out why, check out the full article.

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