June 15, 1999

Duke Nukem: Color Gameboy Update

In other Duke news, the Duke Nukem Color GameBoy game is nearing completion. 3D Realms is reviewing what is nearly the final version of the game. Recently we pushed really hard for GT to add a battery to the cartridge, so you can save/load your games. No more writing down clumsy passwords for your levels loads. This makes a huge difference in "fun factor" and we're sure you will all agree when you play the game. This is one of the VERY few titles outside of a Nintendo game that actually have a battery on the cart.

Duke Nukem on the Color Gameboy is the perfect game for a trip where you are stuck in a car or plane for a few hours.

Once we sign off on the final version, it will begin the process of review by Nintendo and then getting produced. We will keep you posted along the way.

If you'd like to learn more about Duke Nukem: Color Gameboy, visit our pages for the game, which includes several screenshots!

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