November 2, 1999

New Duke Nukem Items Available!

UPDATE Dec 2008: These items are no longer available for sale - we long ago ran out of stock.
This news item has been left here for historical purposes.

In the wake of yesterday's announcement of the Duke Nukem Forever screenshots, we have two new Duke Nukem items available for purchase direct from 3D Realms! The two new items are a Duke Nukem T-Shirt as well as a Duke Nukem cap. Shown below, these items are available for shipment direct to you immediately.

The cap is black, and is an adjustable one-size fits all cap. The front has the Duke Nukem logo, and the back has the Duke trademark phrase "Come Get Some" emblazoned on it.

The T-shirt on the front has the Duke Nukem logo, and on the back has a large Duke Nukem nuclear symbol on it (in addition to the trademark phrase "Come get some"). The T-Shirt is available in black only, and we have three sizes, L, XL, & XXL.

Both items are $14.95 each, and you can click on any of the thumbnails shown above for a larger picture of the items. These can be ordered now direct from 3D Realms via our normal ordering methods. If you need ordering information, it is available by clicking here. We also have an order form available for you to print out and use for mailing or fax. You can also just call 1-800-3DREALMS with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or Amex card and order these Duke items today!

Don't forget, the "Every 100th Order Free" promotion is still going on, and if you order these, it's possible you might be selected as a winner, and could receive these items totally free! For more details on the 100th Order Free promotion, click here.

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