December 10, 1999

3D Mark 2000 Released

A few days ago, 3D Mark 2000 was released over at the Mad Onion site. Here's a small tidbit from the press release that describes pretty well what the product is all about:

3DMark2000 is one of's online benchmarks - smart benchmark products that have an Internet back-end. This Internet back-end, or database, contains thousands of results collected via the Internet. With online benchmarks, users will be able to compare their results with data collected from other users around the world.

3D Mark 2000 is using the same technology engine that is being used in the upcoming 3D Realms title, Max Payne! This is a very small preview of what some of the technology in Max is capable of. If you haven't already checked out 3D Mark 2000, then you should do so today! Furthermore, if you're interested in learning about Max Payne, make sure to check out the Official Max Payne Web site today!

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