December 10, 1999

Top 10 Game Predictions

Then in October, 3D Realms released the first screen shots of Duke Nukem Forever, and they were amazing. It appears that 3D Realms has modified the Unreal engine extensively, because the shots showed us things that we thought you couldn't do with Unreal. (The coolest shot has to be the one of the soldier with the tentacles erupting out of his body.) Just seeing them rekindled our love affair with gaming's favorite cigar-chewing, wisecracking ass-kicker. In Duke Nukem Forever, Duke gets to run around his favorite city in the world, Las Vegas. This time he must stop archenemy Dr. Proton and his alien allies from taking over the world. Aside from the formidable arsenal of weapons, Duke can also jump into vehicles and run bad guys down. We just can't wait to get a load of the one-liners in this one

The above is what C|Net's Gamecenter has to say about Duke Nukem Forever in an article they call "Top 10 Game Predictions for 2000". The piece lists what they predict for various titles such as Halo, Diablo II, The Sims, & Warcraft 3. Make sure to check it all out to see if what they think will be important for 2000 is what you think will be important for 2000.

One major omission - they failed to mention our other big game, Max Payne.

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