March 15, 2000

Duke Nukem: Planet of the Babes Press Release

We've just been alerted to the existence of a press release online regarding the forthcoming Duke Nukem: Planet of the Babes, and we wanted to bring it to you now. The press release has several quotes from GT Interactive, as well as some game information. We've mirrored the press release locally, and here's a few choice tidbits from it:

In Earth's distant future, an alien race has launched a full-scale invasion, sinking the human population into anarchy and terror. The aliens then embark on their hideous primary objective: wiping out the male population so they can enslave women for use in their hybridization program. However, some women managed to escape, and united to form the Unified Babe Resistance (UBR). But the scanty UBR defenses are being annihilated by a powerful new alien weapon, and with all hope nearly lost, they turn to Earth's long distant history and legendary hero, Duke Nukem. Using a time portal device, the UBR track down Duke and make his choice very simple: Help them or there will be no chicks in the future. Without hesitation, Duke answers, ``Let's Rock.''

``Planet of the Babes shoots high and scores, a true milestone release in the Duke Nukem franchise,'' said Tony Kee, Vice President of Marketing for GT Interactive. ``Planet of the Babes delivers mature, compelling game play that pushes the envelope with no-holds-barred combat, high-resolution graphics, a new and very innovative Duke survival system that replaces the typical health system found in all other shooters, and lest we forget, lots of babes.''

There's lots more in this press release about the game, so make sure to check it all out in our press release area. Also, you can read more about Planet of the Babes, including checking out some screenshots, and learning about the game developers over at our Planet of the Babes page

One other thing to mention - this press release was issued by GT Interactive, the publishers of the game. In it, they mention a May release date. Please keep in mind, the official release date for any 3D Realms title that is not out yet is "When it's done".

If you are interested in pre-ordering it, you can do so at by clicking on the buy it graphic below!

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