May 4, 2000

Duke Nukem: Planet of the Babes Stuff

Larry Pacey of n-Space brought a couple of new Planet of the Babes items to our attention this morning, and we want to bring them to you. First up is a cool POTB writeup by which discusses some aspects of the game, as well as giving you several screenshots to check out.

In Duke Nukem: Planet of the Babes, Duke must team up with a ragtag group of "babes" that are trying to save the world from a cataclysmic alien invasion. The game features hi-resolution characters and terrain, heavy weaponry and several two-player multiplayer game modes. The game is a substantial improvement over the previous version of Duke on the PlayStation.

Overall, the player models and backgrounds appear much more detailed and are very clean. Once again, the audio is comprised of humorous one-liners from the game's main character, Duke Nukem.

There's more in the write-up, so check it out - and make sure to hit the screenshots there.

The second item is also from - this time an interview with the game's producer an interview with the game's producer Phil Gelber. In the interview, Phil talks about the game's plot, some of the babes themselves, as well as things Duke will be doing in the game. Here's a quote:

IGNPSX: What new sayings can we expect from Duke and what original sayings have been retained?

Phil Gelber: We generated [more than] 30 pages of original script for the game and retained all the old favorites. Jon St. John (the voice of Duke) seriously delivered -- you can bet that there are some new classics-to-be in this title. What Duke says is always timely so you can figure a lot of current catchphrases are in the game. Including a classic "Wasssssssup."

IGNPSX: What does POTB add to the series and the genre as a whole?

Phil Gelber: Duke Nukem will be around as long as there are video games -- just like James Bond will always exist so long as there are movies. We take great pride in the franchise and refuses to crap out titles just to make a buck POTB is an original, stand-alone title that is so much more than just a sequel to Duke Nukem : Time to Kill. The depth of the story is amazing and the use of realtime cinematics help showcase Duke's unique personality like never before.

Phil has a lot to say about the game in this interview, so make sure read it all.

Also, if you're looking for more, we also have information on our our own Planet of the Babes page here. If you wish to pre-order a copy of the game, you can do so by clicking on the Buy it graphic (which will take you to a pre-order page at

Also, for no good reason , here's two pictures of the model used to base several of the in game "babes" from. Click on either for a larger image.

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