October 16, 2000

Land of the Babes is the Amazon Editor's Pick!

This morning brings us the cool news that Amazon.com has picked the new PSX game "Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes" as their Editor's Pick game. Here's what Amazon had to say about the game..

Aliens have wiped out Earth's men and are now looking to enslave the planet's women for their own hybridization program. Who's going to save the babes of Earth? Duke Nukem, that's who. Working with the Unified Babe Resistance, Duke must counteract the aliens through 14 levels of first-person search and destroy. He'll face mutant primates, Hoglodytes, Pig cops, and Octabrains with an awesome arsenal at his disposal, including such weapons as blasters, flamers, grenade launchers, and Duke's new weapon of choice, the .50 caliber Desert Eagle pistol.

Duke Nukem: Planet of Babes features four challenging training areas and six multiplayer levels, each with its own secret areas; high-tech items including infrared goggles, jetpack, and teleporter; and an ego meter that shows how well Duke's able to go on with the crusade. The game's story is propelled by 25 interstitial sequences including an unlockable bloopers sequence. Parents should note: with middle school locker-room humor and no small amount of action-game violence, this game is not intended for kiddies.

If you'd like to see what the editor's pick page looks like, you can click here to see a screenshot taken from the Amazon.com Editor's pick page. Also, there's reviews from users over at Amazon's site, here's a sampling of them:

Reviewer: Vince Anderson (see more about me) from Rockford, IL USA

More Duke action with new Dukisms and Duke type levels. EXACT same setup/game-play as "Time to Kill". TTK is my favorite psx game, so I was really excited to get "Land of the Babes." But in the end, if you are a huge Duke Nukem fan like myself, than this is definitely one to get your mits on. Buy this game and "Come get some!"

Reviewer: A Gamer from Atlanta, GA

Duke is back and is as fun as ever. The guns are big and the aliens are cool. The graphics are hit and miss, but the levels have lots of secret areas to explore. Some characters look better then others, but the weapon effects are cool for a playstaion game. The levels are fun and well designed with fun missions like saving babes and hunting down lots of bad guys. Oh ya, and Duke is the man! Nuff said.

Don't have the game? No problem - click on the cover art below to order your own copy. Want to read more about the game? Check out our Land of the Babes page, or hit n-Space, the folks who wrote the game.

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