August 21, 2001

Netscape 6 News Tab

Also with the new site is a new feature designed specifically for Netscape 6 (or Mozilla) users. If you have used these browsers, you should be familiar with the tabs available on these browsers. Anyway, we now have a news tab available for these browsers. You can add this to your copy of Netscape and quickly look and see the most recent news headlines without having to load our entire web site.

If you have Netscape 6, 6.1, or Mozilla, you can click on the Netscape 6 tab below (or at the bottom of this page), and you can view this. If you don't have these browsers, you won't be able to use this feature, although I'm told that Internet Explorer v6 will have a similar such feature - if that does happen, I'll program a tab for that browser, too.

NOTE: This feature no longer is on the site as of May 2005, it's been replaced with an RSS feed for news.

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