August 21, 2001

Our New Server is Online

If you can see this message, then you have reached our new server. As you probably have read, our web forums have been down, and that was due to our old crappy hosting solution. We were having problems with our old box being too slow, and then the Max Payne videos came out, and it died a horrible, screaming death. Anyway, after much work and deliberation, our new server is up and online right now. Our forums have also returned. The new box is a major screamer, and as such, the slowness of the past is gone. We've also got a great new host, and we are ready now.

One change in this new box is that it allows us to finally do what we want, we're not bound by the silly restrictions of some of our previous web hosts. Most of this is background stuff, but it should allow us to be more flexible in the future should future demand or other issues come up. Due to this change, we've slightly altered the location of the forums. There is a new location for the forums - so if you used to have them bookmarked, you'll need the new location. That new location is this:

The forums are live now, so check it out now, and it's good to be back!

Posted by Joe Siegler on August 21, 2001 at 9:15 PM | Permalink
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