April 15, 2002

Manhattan Project Spooging

Over the weekend, Gamespy posted their Manhattan Project preview, and it's so full of glowing remarks, you'd think we had paid them to say that. We didn't of course, but check out some of what they had to say:

I could say a lot about the great visuals -- fog effects, lighting effects, explosions, and other goodies. The fact is, however, this would be a great game even if those effects weren't up to current standards. Fortunately though, they are some of the best ever seen in a platform game.

Now here's my take -- buy this game as soon as it hits the shelves. There is nothing like it on the market, nor has there been since Duke Nukem 3D hit the PC. You might be put off by the fact that this is a platform game in homage to the original Duke Nukem 1 and 2 -- don't be. This is a full-blown 3D title with all the effects and eye-candy you'd expect in any current game. It also sports huge 3D environments, as well as top-notch sound (including Duke's trademark one-liners delivered by the one-and-only Jon St. John), and a killer soundtrack.

I guarantee that you don't have anything like this on your hard-drive, and quite possibly even your consoles. This one will go down as one of the best platform games ever, and possibly one of the best games of the year. If fast action, lots of blood and guts, and great visuals are your thing, I think you'll agree.

Head on over to Gamespy.com and check out all of what they had to say.

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