April 12, 2002

More Manhattan Project

Avault also today published their hands on preview of Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project. They had a lot to say about it, here's a sampling:

The levels are also filled with unexpected challenges that keep the action fresh and moving at a nice clip. There is something new to do on each level, whether it is running across the top of a moving train while avoiding hazards or dashing down the streets of Chinatown while leaping over speeding cars.

From Uzi-sporting alligators to ten-foot tall roach beasts, more than 25 enemies populate the game. Also among the dead piled at Duke�s feet are Fem-Mechs -- female robots with deadly whips -- and classic Duke enemies like the PigCops.

Like Duke Nukem 3D before it, Manhattan Project gleefully wallows in Duke-style lechery, including one-liners that would make me blush if my mother were in the room and half-naked girls that can jiggle every polygon the artists gave them.

Fans needing a fix until Duke Nukem Forever appears will love the supercharged visuals and action, while old-school gamers despairing a dead genre will appreciate ARUSH and Sunstorm�s tribute to a timeless form of PC entertainment. Having run the press beta through its paces several times, I feel confident 3D Realms, Sunstorm and ARUSH have come up with a winner for action fans.

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