April 11, 2002

More Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project Stuff

Yesterday, the Duke Nukem: Manhattan Official Web site was updated with some new materials. Topping the list is a gameplay trailer video you can download which shows plenty of in game coolness. The new multimedia section of the Manhattan Project web site is where to grab this and plenty of screenshot goodies. Also on this page are a few wallpaper images you can grab for your computer.

So head on over there to grab tons of Manhattan Project goodness.

Also available are some other screenshots over at Avault. In addition to the screenshots, Avault had this to say about the game..

The moment we received the nine-level press demo of Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, we were hooked. Coming from producer 3D Realms, developer Sunstorm Interactive, and publisher ARUSH Entertainment, Manhattan Project is a third-person platform game for the PC that promises fans a lot of fun and innovation.

There's also another preview out, this time from Gamespot. Check out some of what Gamespot has to say:

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project promises to be more than just another in the long line of Duke Nukem-licensed games. It's a good-looking modern update of the genre.

The controls are straightforward. You can use a gamepad, but the keyboard works just fine. You move right and left with the corresponding arrow keys, aim up with the up arrow, and crouch with the down arrow. You jump and fire with the Ctrl and Alt keys. It's the kind of simplicity that's been missing from PC games lately, as developers seem to be focusing more and more on huge, big-budget extravaganzas rather than on games that are just enjoyable diversions.

NOTE: The dukenukemmp.com site does not exist anymore. However, the information that was on that site has been replicated on our own site, you can visit this page to see that same information.

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