May 24, 2002

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project Reviews

The reviews are starting to roll in on Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, and they're really glowing! positive! Here's a couple to whet your appetite.

First up is a review from the website - Here's a bit of what they had to say:

Duke Nukem is back and that hardcore action is pumping through my CPU faster than Randy Johnson's fastball crosses the plate.

The things that count are good, though, with Duke moving smoothly across rooftops and the details around him fine.

The sound is definitely an entertaining part of the game - as it has been in all of the Duke games. You will hear some funny comments, some harsh ones, and some downright rude ones.

Overall: This is a definite purchase at the reasonable price it is on shelves for.

Second up is a review from Here's some of what they had to say:

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project is visually pleasing. The architecture was well done. Throughout the entire game you note the attention to detail, and, if you pay close attention, you will see some graphics from the original Duke Nukem.

DNMP gives you heart pumping - entrancing music to play to. And Jon St. John brilliantly does the voice of Duke Nukem once again.

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project will suck you in without you realizing that several hours have gone by. This game comes as a fresh breeze in today's jungle of realism and hype. It brings a makeover to what we remember from the platform games of old, and the gameplay is refreshingly simple and easy to learn.

If you haven't checked out Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project yet, you can learn about it by checking out the official site here. It's out and about now, so drop by your favorite software store and pick up a copy. If they don't carry it, ask 'em why not and then go buy it somewhere else!

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