June 24, 2002

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project Reviews

Now that the word is out on the DN:MP patch, we want to bring you up to speed with some Manhattan Project reviews that have appeared since last Monday. Since there's a lot of 'em we'll just get right to it..

First up is a review by David Laprad over at Adrenaline Vault. David is a long time fan of Apogee, so we were curious to see what he would think of the game - he loved it. Make sure to check out his review, there's tons more praise from David that we can't cover here.

If, like me, your PC gaming experience began with Apogee's shareware side-scrollers in the early 1990's, then you owe it to yourself to play Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project.

the maps are so intricate and full of movement they invoke a sense of exploring and interacting with a real world.

From elaborate rooftops with TV antennas and jets of steam to the vastness of the space station with its crisscrossing laser traps and floating debris, the environments in Manhattan Project contain more fine points than a dozen other budget games.

ARUSH and Sunstorm give action gamers one hell of a good trip in Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project.

Second is a review by Marcus Spears over at Gamepen. Marcus too likes the game, and it was awarded their "Numb Thumb Award". Here's what Marcus had to say in their review of the game..

this game blends the traditional side-scrolling platform format with the sarcastic wit of DN3D and a fully 3D graphics engine. It�s an interesting, and in my opinion highly successful, mix.

Well, to say the least, both the sound and graphics are astounding.

Does it have a legitimate claim to the Duke Nukem title? Definitely. Is it fun? Absolutely! Is it worth my $25? Well, I certainly think so.

The reviews keep coming today, and our next one is from the gonegold.com site. They had a lot of nice things to say, too:

So why is this game so much fun? Manhattan Project makes sure that it pours the Duke attitude over every aspect of the action. 3D Realms knows that Duke is all about guns, babes, and one-liners, and they make sure lots of each are sprinkled throughout the game.

"This is a surprisingly fun game...a fun homage to Duke's origins, and bears repeated playing."

Finally today, we have a review from loadedinc. The review was penned by Paul Younger, who seemed to really enjoy the title. Here's some of Paul's remarks:

to be honest it�s great to see a title like this make it onto the scene, shooters are ten a penny these days.

DNMP sees Duke more vocal than ever before and you won�t be disappointed if you�re looking for comments that some may find a little close the knuckle.

Overall DNMP is well worth a look, it�s fun, addictive, the voice of Duke is superb!

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