June 17, 2002

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project v1.01 Patch Released!

Today a patch for Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project v1.01 has been released. This fixes a number of issues with the game - here's a list of what v1.01 fixes:

* boss bar no longer lingers when its active as you load your game to somewhere else
* game now pauses correctly when ESC is hit during a respawn and again after play resumes
* all active maps now saved when game state saves, even if player is not within them.
* fixed glopp ray sometimes allowing you to shoot through thin walls
* some old resource load attempts cleaned up
* fixed a message error in end part screen
* TCP/IP protocol is no longer a necessary requirement to run the game
* AMD K6-2+ and K6-3+ crash on startup fixed
* OpenGL resolutions now properly queried for selection
* Memory hunk allocation made more robust
* Resource pack files now log their expected checksum when mounted
* removed some obsolete client variables
* ogg sound libraries moved to root install folder to avoid conflict with system folder
* some things cleaned up in the log file generation
* kill and secret counts adjusted
* gator boss fixed so all nukes are dropped if you kill him in one large blast
* fixed the lasers so they save their state properly
* fixed quit screen so it won't interfere with save game dialog on shutdown
* fixed graphics options so the cancel button does not skip back further than necessary

Special note about save games and Episode 8. Saved games in Episode 8 must be REPLAYed to prevent crashing and allow proper recovery of game state. If you PLAY from a game saved in Episode 8, you will crash. You must REPLAY any Episode 8 part after applying the v1.0.1 patch.

You can see what version of DNMP you are running if you open the console ( ~ ) and then look at the number in the lower right corner of the console.

Here's a list of download locations.

* ftp://ftp.3drealms.com/patches/dnmp_101.exe
* 3D Gamers
* Shacknews
* Fileplanet
* Gameplex (Switzerland)

For more information on Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, visit the official site at this page.

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