June 11, 2002

More Manhattan Project Reviews

It's Monday morning (OK, it's Tue, but our net connection was down all day yesterday, and we couldn't post this) and we're here with some new Manhattan Project reviews. Let's get right to 'em..

First up is a really glowing review from Fragtopia, who really seemed to love the "throwback" feel to the title.

What we've got here is basically an old sk00l platform/side scroller type game. And you know what? It's an absolute blast!

Definitely the prettiest side scroller I've ever seen.

The music in the game is excellent, a combination of techno and heavy industrial.

A fun little game, and well worth the purchase price. DNMP presents itself very well with excellent 3D graphics, great level design and sweet music and sounds.

Second up is a review of the game by Gamitopia. They seemed to enjoy the game - here's a bit of what they had to say:

The fun factor of the game is incredible. It's amazing how fun such a simple concept can be.

Huge levels, high replay value, low system requirements, extremely humorous.

A decent title that is worth a look.

Finally today we have a review from Gaming Excellence who really seemed to dig the sound in the game..

From the well rendered environments to the slick sound effects, Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project is a well-rounded title, and has proven successful as a side scroller, something that hasn't been done in a long time.

Without a doubt, the sound effects are the best part of Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project.

The vast selection of entertaining comments are what make this game so much fun.

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